Kasugai City " The Town of Calligraphy "

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Tofu Ono, one of the three greatest masters of calligraphy, is said to have been born in Kasugai. This is confirmed in such literary sources as the Kirin-sho, which was composed in the South-North Imperial Era (around the middle of the 14th century.)
The people of Kasugai are proud of the fact that Tofu Ono was born in their town, and fondly call him "Tofu-san." It goes without saying that the people of Kasugai are interested in calligraphy.
Kasugai-city has made efforts to preserve this cultural tradition under the slogan: "Town of Calligraphy." The Municipal sponsors have planned a number of projects to promote calligraphy culture. One of them is the Tofu Exhibition. This calligraphy exhibition, held in the Tofu Memorial Museum, is a contest in which people from all over the country are invited to exhibit their works of calligraphy.


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